Take your health in your hands

If you think your health is in good hands all because you make the healthiest food choices when shopping and eating, let me test your knowledge of cleaning products. Any idea what ‘natural’ stands for in cleaning language? Not much. Cleaning products are an unregulated market. What this means in layman’s terms is that the… Read More »

Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself

You’ve spent money and time buying the perfect presents for everyone on your holiday list this year. So now is the time to treat yourself. Consider the Ladybug 2150 steam cleaner as a gift for you. This amazing marvel of technology will safely and effectively clean and sanitize just about every surface in your home… Read More »

A good time to start your New Year’s resolution is today

It’s almost the New Year—that time of self-reinvention when you promise yourself you’ll get in shape, shed those 20 pound and live a healthier life. Here’s hoping you ditch your cancer-causing household cleaning products and that this resolution actually sticks. But instead of starting in January, emptying out that chemical arsenal under your kitchen sink… Read More »

The dirty truth about what’s lurking in your kitchen

How do you clean your kitchen? Chances are, you do it with a sponge and dishcloth. But have you even heard of the XL2300 steam cleaner? How about the Tekno 2350 steam cleaner? Even if you’re a self-professed cleaning freak, you probably don’t know that because of your sponge and dishcloth your kitchen likely has… Read More »

Stocking stuffer accessories under thirty bucks

Some of the best gifts come in small packages—and with fairly small price tags to boot. Here are some great stocking-stuffer accessories that compliment your Ladybug steam cleaner in a way you might not expect. First, there’s the Hydro-Broom. This must-have will ‘broom’ ceiling corners, under kitchen appliances (like the refrigerator) and other hard to… Read More »

Sometimes we have to change our approach

It’s a little known fact that when Santa first started out he used beagles. For obvious reasons, he switched to reindeer. No, I’m just joking. But my point is that sometimes we have to change our approach. And the way we clean our homes is no exception. We’ve all grown up using the household cleaning products… Read More »

If you’re not cleaning with vapor steam, you’re doing it wrong

I know what you’re thinking: cleaning with steam will leave everything sopping wet. But guess what? It turns out that there’s a big difference between infomercial steam cleaners and Ladybug vapor steam cleaners. While steam cleaners advertised on television mostly use large amounts of water, vapor is only 4% water. So everything dries almost instantly.… Read More »

What makes Ladybug different from other steam cleaners?

All steam cleaners convert water to superheated steam, but Ladybug, due to its patented TANCS® technology, modifies the crystal structure of the water’s decomposing minerals and uses the steam to carry these ‘energized crystals’ to the surface of what is being cleaned. The result is a process that out-performs other steam cleaner on the market.… Read More »